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Written by a noted stage actor with years of training and decades of experience acting in community theater, BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame is the book that every stage actor, theatre student or even aspiring film and television actor should read.


A tried-and-true guide to building great acting skills, to attain celebrity status in your own home town, or launch a serious acting career ahead of the rest.

Getting Noticed is the Key

to Celebrity . . .

And excellence is the key to getting noticed. Whether your goal is to answer the call of community theater or to pursue serious ambitions in film and television, you need to have badass acting skills if you want to become known as a badass actor!

Meet Tice Allison

Tice Allison is an American actor and author, with over twenty-five years of stage experience and many years of professional-level actor’s training. He is known for his facility for playing villains and characters that exist on the fringe of society. Or, as Tice likes to put it, “Creeps and weirdos a specialty!”

Straightforward! Fun to Read!

BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame is a straightforward, fun-to-read acting handbook featuring nearly 80 practical tips, techniques and best practices for the committed stage actor,  including many over-looked acting secrets that can help you gain fame for your work on local stages and follow your dreams to work in film and television.

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Theatre Actors

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Film & Television Actors

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Drama Students

What They're Saying

Kerry Duvall
Assistant Artistic Director
Raven Theater
Healdsburg, CA

"I wish everyone would read this book!"

Steven David Martin
Raven Players Artistic Director
Raven Theater
Healdsburg, CA

"Extremely useful tips!"

A Book That Answers Questions You Might Never Have Thought to Ask!

BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame isn’t a pamphlet. It’s a sizable 378-page acting handbook book that helps you discover a wealth of practical acting skills you may never have considered. And for all of those touchy questions surrounding the business of acting — such as how to work with divas and get along with jackasses — Badass Acting is here to answer them all . . .  and teach you the skills you need to thrive on stage.

Badass Acting . . .




Not Just For Theatre Actors! 

Though written with theater actors in mind, BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame is a handbook of acting techniques, tips, and secrets created to help actors sharpen their acting skills and gain notice in local theater. But this book isn’t just for stage actors. Badass Acting is also a great resource for actors pursuing acting careers in film and television, on screen or voice over. That’s because, at its core, acting is a universal performance art. That is to say, all acting is the same, no matter the venue. 

  • Teaches you the secret to never forgetting your lines.
  • Reveals the mother of all bad acting habits.
  • Analyzes the various parallels between acting and metaphysics, and introduces you to the star-making concept of the Muse.
  • Teaches you the art of character flourishes, and how they help you shine on stage.
  • Introduces you to a line delivery technique common to the best actors in the world.
  • Shows you how to develop your status as a community theater stage celebrity.
  • Explains why trusting your intuition is always better than trusting your brain.
  • Demonstrates how to make someone's weak acting choices work to your advantage.
  • Teaches you a scientific technique for milking laughter from the audience.
  • Shows you how to blend "beats and beats" (pauses and intention changes) to add texture to your performance.
  • Includes dozens of other badass acting techniques and secrets, such as tips for playing a serial killer, how to borrow mannerisms from insects, how to imbue props with a living essence... and much more!

Read It For Yourself!