Written with the stage actor in mind, BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame is a handbook of acting tips, secrets and techniques that can help catapult local actors to regional celebrity and launch serious acting careers ahead of the rest.

Make the Leap From Good Actor to Badass Actor!

Whether your goal is to answer the call of theater or make the jump to film and television, you’ll need sharp acting skills if you want to get noticed. Badass Acting can help you achieve that goal. 

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Is Badass Acting a Good Book Choice for Your Goals as an Actor?

It probably is. That’s because all acting is the same, regardless of the venue, and BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame is an acting handbook jam packed with valuable acting insights, tips and techniques — even some tricks and secrets — many of which you might never have thought of before.

  • Community Theatre Actors
  • Film and Television Actors
  • Drama Students
  • Public Speaking and Sales
  • Stand Up Comedy

Meet Tice Allison

“Tice Allison embodies the badass in Badass Acting.”

Who is Badass Acting for?

One of the reasons Tice Allison wrote BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun of Fame was to help local stage actors all over the country — the world, even — improve their theater acting skills and attain a measure of hometown recognition — a taste of local celebrity. 

Tice Allison has this to say about theater: "There are wonderful community theaters nested in small towns throughout the mid-west,” he explains, “and plenty of great venues in the Pacific Northwest. But unless you live within reasonable driving distance of a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia or Chicago, good acting training is often not available. I wrote Badass Acting as a way for rural actors to enjoy some of the benefits of my professional-level training, to share the lessons I gleaned from my years studying with acting coaches in Los Angeles and other hubs of the entertainment business.”

"Insightful... and edgy!"

"Easy to read!"

"Laugh-out-loud funny!"

"Hard truths!"

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