Badass Acting

One of the Best Books on Acting . . . written by a guy you’ve

never heard of before.

Chances are
you’ve never heard of me . . .

That’s because I’ve never acted much in TV or the movies. At least not yet. My work as an actor has been almost exclusively in theater. And even though you probably don’t know me from Adam, the truth is we might have something in common. Maybe you — (perhaps like me) — are an actor who works exclusively on stage. My book can help theater actors gain local celebrity for the work they do on local stages, or for those of you working towards the  goal of a career in movies and television, my book is perhaps even more valuable, even though the examples I cite are from my the wonderful world of theater. That’s because acting is all the same, regardless of the medium. In a other words, a badass stage actor is also a badass movie actor or a badass stand up comedian; the medium is the variable, acting is the constant.


BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame also touches on subjects that are often regarded as taboo ... such as how to circumvent bad instructions given by an inept director, or how to make your own performance shine when working with actors that are not trained (or, dare I say it? talented), or how to tactfully drop your commitment to one show to work in a dream role that has suddenly landed in your lap.

Tips & Tricks

BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame offers a wealth of tips, tricks, techniques, secrets, FAQs, funny stories and hard truths about the “just for fun” or the “focused for fame” aspects of the acting business. Badass Acting shares the principles any actor needs to get noticed and rise to the top, whether your goal is to answer the call of theater as a serious hobby or to pursue ambitions acting in film and television as a serious career. Seasoned hand or an acting student just starting out and hoping to be a star someday, Badass Acting is a book you’re going to want to read - over and over again!

Real World Knowledge

BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame could have been written by a world-renowned celebrity, but it has been written by the dude who signs autographs in his charming home town. It’s the book written by the guy who knows that dreams can come true, but realizes that being great at what you love to do — in this case, being a badass actor — is critical to your success.

So good that they can’t ignore you!

Steve Martin advises all aspiring actors, “ . . . to be so good that they can’t ignore you.” It’s sage advice. Here’s some more sage advice:  Buy your copy of Badass Acting  TODAY! 

BADASS ACTING ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame is the book every theatre student, ever aspiring actor and every single community theater actor should read if they want to go from just being a good- enough actor to a badass actor. 

  • Community Theatre Actors
  • Film and Television Actors
  • Drama Students
  • Public Speaking and Sales

Now Make It Happen

If you’re serious about acting, Badass Acting deserves a place on your book shelf, right next to some of those other great acting books that were written by actors you had once never heard of before — Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg.

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