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Coming soon to Lancaster, PA! 

Tice Allison’s


A  lively, 90-Minute Acting Class/Showcase.

Tice Allison LIVE
at the next . . .

Tice Allison

Audience-Participation Seminar drawn from the best chapters
from his book, "Badass Acting ~ Best Acting Practices for Fun or Fame"

Only $35/person (reg. $50)

Tice Allison's BADASS ACTING REVUE is a fun, lesson-packed 90 minutes of full-on acting instruction. A short & sweet acting seminar for actors, writers, directors and stand-up comedians, as well as business professionals looking to add a performance-art sparkle to their public speaking skills.

Coming Spring 2020 to Lancaster, PA . . . and then going on the road, bringing professional acting training to Philly, York, Harrisburg, and home town communities across the east coast.

"I don't just read from the book, I play From it." ~ Tice allison

Coming Spring 2020 to Lancaster, PA.

Tice Allison’s BADASS ACTING REVUE is  so much more than your average “sit-around-and-take-notes acting class.”  Mr Allison takes the stage to recount some wild stories from his theater days, read excerpts from his favorite chapters, and share loads of acting tips, tricks and secrets  . . .  along with opportunities for the audience to join in the show and work the material!

Whether you prefer to sit and learn or get up in front of the class and show off your talents, Tice Allison’s BADASS ACTING REVUE is the ostensible equivalent of a one-semester  college course in acting, brought to you in one short, fun-filled,  instructive 90 MINUTES!

Perfect for:

  • Community Theatre Actors
  • Film and Television Actors
  • Drama Students
  • Public Speaking and Sales
  • Stand Up Comedy

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