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Craig A. Miller
Head of Directing
Assistant Professor of Acting & Directing
University of Idaho

"A book rich in lessons."

Whether you just got cast in your first big role, or are a veteran of local stages, or are returning from a hiatus from theatre, Badass Acting is a book rich in lessons on being thoughtful, present and generous in the craft of acting. Written from 50% experience, 50% passion, Tice Allison’s Badass Acting is an excellent and entertaining read for the emerging actor or for the hobbyist desiring a deeper examination and understanding of theatre Dos and Don’ts . . .  articulated by guy who’s been-there and done-that.

Steven David Martin
Raven Players Artistic Director
Raven Theater
Healdsburg, CA

"Tice Allison embodies the “badass”
in Badass Acting."

Tice Allison embodies the “badass” in Badass Acting. With an entertaining and irreverent combination of insight, observation, and laugh-out-loud moments, Mr. Allison takes specific moments from his own vast array of acting experiences and sharply crafts them into acutely observed, tangible and, above all, extremely useful tips on everything from first read through to final performance. 

Taking the self-important air out of self-serving “acting texts,” Badass Acting is a refreshing peek behind the curtains, revealing what a successful actor does ­to bring a character to compelling, believable, vibrant life. It’s less about theory and more about practical applications of the art – and craft  – of this crazy creative sandbox we call acting.

David Templeton
(‘Mary Shelley’s Body,’ ‘Drumming with Anubis,’ ‘Galatea’)

"Entertainingly written, cleverly designed."

With clearly drawn anecdotes and examples to go with each insightful tip, Tice Allison’s ‘Badass Acting’ is entertainingly written, cleverly designed and carried out; it takes the scary, mountainous mysteries and pitfalls of stage-work and recasts them as swing sets and monkey bars on a playground. This is no dense exploration of theory and philosophy. In creating a book that is as much fun to read as it is easy to understand, Allison transforms the intimidating act of stepping out on a stage into an array of attainable steps, amusing explorations, and deeply rewarding excursions through the art, craft and, yes, the badass magic of effective theatrical performance.

Kerry Duvall
Assistant Artistic Director
Raven Theater
Healdsburg, CA

"Extremely useful tips!"

Great information and tips for someone just starting out or the seasoned actor. This book covers the basics and also dives deep into everything you need to know as an actor.  I have worked behind the scenes, in the theater world, for many years. I wish everyone I work with would read this book! Especially the chapter on “Good Conduct.”  

Jim Bertoli
Lead Singer, Court ‘n’ Disaster
Santa Rosa, CA

"Crisply written and informative."

Crisply written and informative with a bit of humor throughout. As a musician, I found the book useful for two reasons: it helped me have a greater understanding and appreciation for the craft of acting and second, and more importantly, it gave me some tips that I can actually apply to my singing performances with my band!

June Alane Reif
Executive Director, Valley Players
Napa, CA

"Excellent for the beginner, good refresher for the experienced."

With humor and wit Mr. Allison hits the mark with Badass Acting; an excellent handbook for the beginner and a good refresher for the experienced actor. I may just make this required reading for my acting students!

Barry Martin
Managing Director, Lucky Penny Productions
Napa, CA

"Practical advice mixed with
imaginative writing."

Tice Allison is a fearless actor and he takes a fearless attitude in writing “Bad Ass Acting.” Practical advice mixes with imaginative writing that illuminates the process of putting a character on stage. Tice draws on extensive experience, both positive and negative, and pulls no punches in his approach. Any actor would benefit from reading this book.

Rich Mehrenberg
Reviewer, Broadway World
Lancaster, PA

"Allison is an interesting and
engaging teacher.."

Not everybody has the time or the money to enroll in an acting workshop, but this book is an excellent substitute. The stories are interesting, the writing is clear, and most importantly the advice is valuable.

While this book has something in it for both the apprentice and master actor, it is most useful for those in the journeymen phase of their career. Badass Acting fills a needed void in enabling seasoned actors to take their game to the next level. Allison is an interesting and engaging teacher. His stories, while sometimes a little salty, paint a vivid picture of what it takes to be a successful actor . . .

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