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Kerry Duvall
Assistant Artistic Director
Raven Theater
Healdsburg, CA

"I wish everyone would read this book!"

Great information and tips for someone just starting out or the seasoned actor. This book covers the basics and also dives deep into everything you need to know as an actor.  I have worked behind the scenes, in the theater world, for many years. I wish everyone I work with would read this book! Especially the chapter on “Good Conduct.”  

Steven David Martin
Raven Players Artistic Director
Raven Theater
Healdsburg, CA

"Extremely useful tips!"

Tice Allison embodies the “badass” in Badass Acting. With an entertaining and irreverent combination of insight, observation, and laugh-out-loud moments, Mr. Allison takes specific moments from his own vast array of acting experiences and sharply crafts them into acutely observed, tangible and, above all, extremely useful tips on everything from first read through to final performance. Taking the self-important air out of self-serving “acting texts,” Badass Acting is a refreshing peek behind the curtains, revealing what a successful actor does ­to bring a character to compelling, believable, vibrant life. It’s less about theory and more about practical applications of the art – and craft – of this crazy creative sandbox we call acting.

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