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Badass Acting isn’t a how to break into show business sort of book, though the tips and techniques outlined in its pages cannot help but make you a better actor. That’s far more important, in my opinion, than learning how to find an agent, how to get right kind of headshots, etc.

Lots of young actors just starting out want to bypass stage work altogether and leap right into the glamorous world of movies and television. While this is a worthy goal, I’m here to tell you that theater is an excellent place to hone your craft. In Badass Acting, I supply you with a healthy collection of tips, secrets and methods which use examples from the stage, but all these lessons have parallel applications to acting in film and television. Acting is a universal art and craft; it’s all the same, no matter the venue.

Some of the best actors the world has ever known got their start on stage, and people get discovered off the stage all the time. Many of your favorite movie and TV stars became recognized as local theater celebrities before they became part of American culture. Celebrity is relative. I wrote Badass Acting with community theater actors in mind, to help them improve their acting skills in leaps and bounds so that they can enjoy the fruits of local celebrity — celebrity in the microcosm. Being recognized in public, and being acknowledged for your fine work on local stages, is intoxicating. Local recognition might not be celebrity in the glitziest sense of the word, but it’s sweet renown all the same!

Badass Acting can help you get cast in more shows than you ever imagined — and in better and better parts. The leap from competent actor to badass actor renders as a difference between night and day; it leads to paramount improvements in your acting skills which cannot help but catch the attention of directors who are always looking to work with the best actors possible.

I believe the major difference between an amateur actor doing ordinary (even poor) work on stage, and the thriving professional earning him or herself standing ovations every night, can be evidenced in large part by a manifest absence of bad acting habits. No acting text worth its salt would be complete without a few chapters on this touchy subject. The more you work to eradicate bad acting habits from your skills set, the better an actor you will become. Badass Acting points out the main offenders, as well as draws your attention to a few bad habits that tend to ooze into your work through the cracks, without your even being aware.

It’s a fair question, but at least I’m in good company. I’d never heard of Uta Hagen or Lee Strasberg or Jeff Corey or
Cliff Osmond until I became acquainted with their books and acting classes. All were excellent, journeyman working actors in their time but far from famous. I’m not comparing myself to these master teachers, but I feel my book is worthy of a spot next to theirs on any actor’s bookshelf. Take a chance on Tice Allison! The Joe-Nobody actor with decades of stage experience under his belt and a treasure trove of acting tips, methods and secrets to share!

I do not conduct acting classes in the traditional sense of the word — in other words, I don’t teach a local scene study class in my current locale in Lancaster, PA. That said, Tice Allison’s Badass Acting Boot Camp is in the works, a One-Day intensive designed to be taken on the road and shared with actors all across the country — from community theater actors with day jobs looking to improve their performances on local stages to serious-minded film and TV actors looking to turn their competent acting skills into badass acting skills. If you’re interested in staying informed about the Badass Acting Boot Camp, scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign up for my newsletter.

I freely admit it: I’m not much of a blogger. But the Tice Allison Badass Acting Newsletter will be a short, fun and funny bi-monthly newsletter which, for the most part, will share chapters that didn’t make it into the first edition of Badass Acting, as well preview chapters for the sequel (currently being written). It will also share a treasure trove of badass mini tips and techniques — subjects which are too short for chapter fodder.

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