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About Tice Allison

Tice Allison is an American actor and author with decades of stage experience and many years of professional-level actor’s training. Like many determined actors, Tice Allison took his training seriously, studying with some of the best teachers in the business, focusing his goals on building an ambitious career acting in film and television.

As is often the case in this competitive business  an unpleasant reality which any aspiring actor should bear in mind — Tice eventually pulled himself off the Hollywood path and returned to his hometown in Northern California to reunite with old friends, take a job as a graphic artist and work in awesome world of community theatre. 

Where I started.

“You could say I wasn’t born with the networking gene,” Tice says. “I had some great training under my belt, and a pretty damn good talent as a character actor, but as far as my having what it takes to boldly approach people who didn’t want to meet me, and to pound on doors that weren’t inclined to open for me? Well, I just didn’t have the chops for that kind of rejection.”

Where I Went.

Tice Allison eventually found his home, his place to perform his art, in the wonderful world of community theater. And in the years to follow, he assembled a worthy resume of stage credits, enjoying a type of local renown on his own home turf which, in many ways, perfectly matched the appeal of the national fame he had once hoped to attain — it was just on a smaller scale.

Result? Badass.

“It’s celebrity in the microcosm,” Tice explains. “You might never be invited as a guest on The Late Show, but it’s sweet recognition, all the same. People come to your shows and recognize you out in public. You catch them peering at you with sideways glances in coffee shops; it’s funny, they’re trying not to get caught staring at you, the same way they’d do with an actual movie star. Perfect strangers come up to you with shy faces and tell you how much they liked you in such-and-such play and ask you for your autograph. Me! Tice Allison, Joe Blow Nobody, signing autographs just like he was a celebrity! It might not be world renown, but it sure doesn’t suck!”


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